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Masayoshi Hazama
Floor 20, Room A
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Player Information
Name: Frika
Journal: [personal profile] freakanature06
Contact: [ profile] freakanature06
Characters In-Game: N/A

Character Information
Name: Masayoshi Hazama
Age: 20
Canon: Samurai Flamenco
Canon Point: At the very end of the series, just after he's rescued Goto from Haiji Sawada.

Appearance: He is a very attractive young model, but he is also a giant hero nerd baby.
Background/History: The Samurai Flamenco Wikipedia article gives the best information on Masayoshi's history.
Let me preface this by saying that Masayoshi Hazama is literally everything that you would expect a vigilante hero to be. He is energetic, kind, and seeks justice wherever he goes. Unfortunately, these are the characteristics that make up the vast majority of his characterization, leaving him with little else to cope with normal human behavior. Allow me to go into a little more detail on how Masayoshi's mind works:

First, to take a look at his kind-hearted nature. Masayoshi believes in the good in everyone and wants to work hard to make sure that everyone has an equal chance to shine as brightly as they can. So whenever someone is in trouble, it is his natural instinct to leap into action and help that person out - whether it be saving them from a terrible monster or just helping a little old lady carry the Too Many Groceries that she bought. He wants to make the world smile, essentially, and he believes that working as a hero is the best way to make that happen. That is one of the many reasons why he has always so desperately wanted to be a hero.

Second, Masayoshi's sense of justice is unparalleled. He sees things clearly in black and white, right and wrong, and he works hard to enforce his sense of justice as a hero. In fact, he starts out his hero career by telling off people smoking in non-smoking areas and going toe-to-toe with belligerent drunks (and losing). There is no slight too small in Masayoshi's eyes, though he believes that justice should be carried out in a very just way, of course. He would never condemn someone for doing something wrong, but he would punish them and help them to learn their lesson. It is, after all, not right to harm others if there is no real reason to. And there is definitely no reason to irreparably harm someone, no matter what they've done.

Third, if it isn't already obvious, Masayoshi is enthusiastic about his line of work and the pursuit of justice. He spends literal hours every day watching sentai shows and working hard to improve his skills so that he can be a better hero. He spends all of his time thinking about being a hero, and he has been such a huge fan of heroes for so long that it has definitely become an obsession. Especially in regards to his hero persona, Samurai Flamenco, who is a character created by his late grandfather who raised him, but I will get to that in just a little bit here. Masayoshi can be loud and energetic when it comes to his hero job, but he can also be lethargic and ornery when he's forced to do something that he's not a fan of - like his for-real job, modeling.

Which brings us to four, the fact that Masayoshi is extremely naive and childlike. It is easy to lead him astray, because he believes so heavily in the good in everyone, and his wonder and joy surrounding heroes is so childish that at times he literally acts like a kid. For example, when he meets one of his childhood heroes - Red Axe - he is so blown away by the encounter that he almosts lets the older man get away with pretending to be Samurai Flamenco, and still continues to believe many of the lies that Red Axe tells him throughout the rest of the series afterward.

In regards to the persona of Samurai Flamenco - Masayoshi feels very strongly tied with the hero that his grandfather invented as a means to get revenge for the death of Masayoshi's parents. The creed of Samurai Flamenco is this: "Hero will never give up, never hide, never be defeated, never accept evil." This is something that Masayoshi very much holds himself to, even as the world goes crazy and he finds that the word 'flamenco' is at the center of everything and gives power the powerless and that aliens are in charge of the government and trying to keep other aliens at bay. Even when his first and best friend is kidnapped and could turn up dead, Masayoshi as Samurai Flamenco never gives up, never hides, never accepts evil, and is never defeated.

It is important to note that there is a small bit of character development that takes place during the last arc of the series. In facing a threat that is just a normal middle school boy after all of the time fighting extraterrestrials and odd villains, Masayoshi finds his sanity called into question and all of the people he cares for being harmed. One of the most prevalent things that happens during this arc is that Haiji pushes Masayoshi into a corner where he essentially winds up having to choose whether to let his best friend - and most important person - die or let Haiji die, placing him in a position where he would wind up 'scarred' enough to become an anti-hero, which turns out to be Haiji's goal. Instead, Masayoshi refuses to take either of those choices and instead strips naked to surprise Haiji and then proposes to Goto to distract him. A completely cunning tactic. Even after this encounter, while Haiji is serving time in juvie, Masayoshi still goes to visit him because some part of him believes that Haiji will come out of the experience having found the good in himself.

One last point to be made to tie the entirety of Masayoshi's personality together is this: even with all of the insanity that happens, Masayoshi still remains the same person he has always been. He reacts with kindness and fervor to every situation and works hard to make sure that everyone he comes in contact with understands what is just and comes out of the encounter happier for it. He has finally learned what it is to love someone and be loved in return, lending him that last bit of drive he needed to become the best hero that he can be. And he will always protect justice, no matter where he is or what else he is doing.

Abilities: Hazama has no outstanding abilities. He is a good-looking man, and can pose for a camera. He is proficient in hand-to-hand combat, especially in a defensive sense. And he is a hard worker when it comes to hero work!

First Person:
[Hazama is not the sort of person to go for speaking to others via text. For one thing, it seems very impersonal, and for another… well, that was a whole bag of snakes that he didn't feel like thinking about most of the time. So clicking the video feature always feels perfectly natural to him whenever he goes to the network for something.]

Hi again! Look, I might have destroyed my dinner…

[Here he turns the camera a little to point it at a burnt-looking pan with a bunch of burnt-looking food in it. There seems to be quite a bit of smoke around the kitchen took, like he's just had to put out a fire. Oops! As the camera's view moves back to his face, Hazama is looking pretty abashed.]

So I was wondering… if anyone has some instant curry or something? I can at least manage that much! But trying to cook from scratch was kind of…

[His face pulls a few different ways as he tries to search for the proper way to describe his predicament before finally settling on a downtrodden demeanor.]

A really, really bad idea, actually. H-hahaha…

Third Person:
One, two, and three small threads. If you need more than this, I will be happy to provide it!

Room Request: N/A (randomized is fine)
Terrarium of Choice: This one!
Inventory: Casual clothes (button up short-sleeved shirt, undershirt, khakis), Samurai Flamenco outfit (underneath the clothes), a bag (containing his Flamenco gear and some papers from his agency)
Previous Game History: N/A


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